Luxury Linen Tea-towel Antigua Black Pineapple

New Luxury Linen Tea-Towels!

Linen Tea Towel has a variety of uses in the household! I love to fold then as placemats or use as large napkins – covers your lap really well, and double-folded will keep away any spills! We are very excited to finally see the samples of our new linen tea-towels! The new designs will be available later in a fall, at this point you can just admire and if really…

Mennonite Village St. Jacobs on Linen Tea Towel

Mennonite Village – on linen towel

We tell you about the design of the Linen Towel with drawings of the Mennonite village of St. Jacobs and surrounding historic places, farmers market, railway bridge and unique covered bridge – the only one left in Ontario!

Crepes with Canadian Maple Syrup

Let’s Make thin Crepes with Maple Syrup!

The history of crepes dates back to 13th century Brittany, France. They say a housewife accidentally dribbled some thin porridge onto a hot, flat cooktop – and voila! Traditionally, buckwheat crepes are served with savory fillings while the more delicately flavored wheat crepes are served with fruit and other sweet fillings. Make these simple crepes and enjoy them with Maple Syrup or many other ingredients… Crepes with egg, ham and cheese – fry an egg, load fried egg,…