Kitchen Linens

Kitchen Linens are highly absorbent material! These kitchen linens can soak up liquid of up to 20% of its own weight in water. They also get more absorbent with every wash.
Quick drying – You no longer need to wait hours for these kitchen linens to dry after washing. That’s because the fibers of these kitchen hand towels easily release moisture.
Long lasting service – Tougher than average dish drying towels, these tea kitchen linens are made from flax, a reliable and strong fiber. You can count on this kitchen towel set to last long!
Luxury feel – Our Linen kitchen towels are extremely soft, making them great for drying or polishing delicate dishes and exquisite china. These linen hand towels for kitchen are gentle and lint-free.
Best size – The large size kitchen towels for dishes measures 16×27 inches and can be used for a variety of tasks. This size makes each dish drying towel excellent for cleaning.
Use as finger towel – just set these linen fingertip towels nicely folded next to the sink and your guests can use these hand towels to save on washing heavy cotton alternative.

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