Why we made them from linen?

My long term love to linen started from grandmother’s closet that had linen towels with embroidered names and lace along the edge. Those were used as bath towels, linen has very high absorption ability and the silky feel. There were couple linen bed sheets as well to be used on hot days. Linen does not transfer heat and feels cool no matter the temperature in the room. Linen kitchen towels were used to dry glasses and to cover bread or fresh baked buns… The towels were white or light oatmeal in colour… Once wearing linen shirt on a hot day I was very surprised by the fact that I did not feel the heat as much and the fabric seemed to keep cool feel. I added linen shirts, pants and dresses to my summer wardrobe and that is now my favourite! When we started our family business designing and wholesaling gift items – we decided to offer linen kitchen or tea-towels to our collection. They became our bestselling items really quick! We have a collection for Caribbean Islands with various designs – nautical, plants, birds, flowers… ! Our customers are coming from many countries – Canada, United States, England, Australia, France and others… It takes many hours to come up with the idea for the design, then we use original artwork based on our photos and great talent… What you buy is a creation of a dedicated team that put many hours in creating this one towel! I am sure you will love our linen towels! Happy shopping!

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